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Word Hurl Anti-Slam: It'll be a Verbosity Monstrosity

What better way to spend Sunday evening? There’s a heap of cool cats who like to get up and speak to you all manner of manic word smithery.. Better yet, you’re in an art gallery. It’s Sunday. SUNDAY!!!
Introducing Word Hurl Anti-slam: No rules. No scoring. No logical system of judging. Just spoken word performances that punch into the audience like a hurling ball of word vomit that will turn your delicate word appreciating ears into word-paddy on toast. So please, bring a poem, monologue, rant, monkey impression or anything else you can do using your mouth and vocal chords or just your goddamn ears and we’ll have a good ol’ anti-slam, word hurl style.

On Sunday the 28th of August, Word Hurl Anti-slam will be invading ARThive, a place you can find at 111 Hunter Mall. And getting it on.
Starts at 7:00pm with sign-up ending (and the fun beginning) at 7:30pm.
We’re on Facebook or you can contact us at sithspawnguitars@hotmail.com

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