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THRIVE - curated by Anthony Ferris

THRIVE has a dual motive. One, it is the official launch of the arthive collective, Arthive gallery and a studio hub for arthivers. Two, it is due time to pay respect to some of Newcastle’s finest artists. The exhibition showcases artists’ works throughout the entire building, or hive as we like to call it, so the audience will be completely surrounded and engulfed by art and its antics. For a busy and productive hive to succeed, we need to embrace all artists, to create an art space that feels open and accessible to the art world and the public in general. This exhibition utilises many different groups, styles and subcultures that work in Newcastle to bring them together in a hive of activity.The studio Artists gain access to their gallery for the first time to exhibit, whilst allowing outside artists to create works in the corridors, walls, stairs and outside areas. The exhibition will provide live music over the entire opening, breaking for the art auction that will help fund the Arthive collective’s future projects.

Anthony Ferris
Jake Penn-Cullen
Nicole Chaffey
Sam Hughes
Simone Sheridan
Angus Crowley
Grant Hunter
Jacqueline Manning
Trine Deans
Murray Thomas
Renee Williams
Pete Thompson
Alex Giddy
Maddy Young
Keiren Perry
Ellie Hannon
Shane Westernhagen
Abbey Cecil
Nicole Wilson
Dan Lovegrove
Abbie Lane
Ben Graham

Julia Morris
Thom Byfield
Benny Tee
Samara Cullen
Andy Golledge
Jenna Gill
Jen Young

Exhibition Dates
15th August-6th September