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Pink Narcissus : Erotic Prayers and Paintings

Rose Turner, a rip-off Ruben and closet illustrator, is proud to present the fruits of her artistic loins - 'Pink Narcissus'.

For the first time in over 12 months, Rose will be presenting an extensive series of works with all the trade marks of her popular style. However, this highly covet-able collection of works will feature (for the first time) a venture into the medium of paint. This has completely altered the nature of the artist's hand with tempting results. Each work has become a hedonistic delight with a primary focus on the human body.

Pink Narcissus will feature romantic colours, Rococo decoration, mythic themes, hardcore nudity and a sprinkling of catholic guilt for good measure.

 Many of Rose Turner's works are currently held in private collections and 'Pink Narcissus' is a fresh opportunity to obtain a piece of this bright young thing.

With an opening night planned to rival a Roman Orgy, be sure to secure your place at this art event.

Opening night : Friday the 3rd of December at 6.00pm.
Exhibition runs until December 18.

We are taking submissions for 2011

ARThive are currently accepting proposals for our 2011 exhibition program. 
We are seeking artists with super ideas and radical artworks, regardless of medium, background, or experience level. We offer an inexpensive gallery solution to untrained artists, hobbyists, doodlers, curators, out-of-towners, first timers, experimenters, performers, film-makers, photographers, comic bookers, musicians, and those trying to get that first foot-in-the-door of the Newcastle art scene. If you haven't exhibited your work before and want to know how to get started, our experienced team of volunteers are here to make your first exhibition a great success. For all you established artists, perhaps you're looking to experiment or trial something new in a no risk, street credible environment? Well heck, we're looking to work with you too. We're tired of seeing the same old thing, show us what you've got! 
Exhibitions at ARThive cost $75 per week, and may run for 2-4 weeks. We are open Wed-Sat 12-5pm with additional hours and events negotiable.

Hire fee includes:
Rental of exhibition space

Use of kitchen facilities
Electricity costs for duration

Access to gallery storage and hanging supplies
Promotional material including budget posters, invitations, media release and advertising on website, mailing list, Facebook, Twitter, Renew Newcastle, Culture Hunter etc.
Gallery sitting can be negotiated with ARThive volunteers.


  • 1 page exhibition proposal
    include synopsis of work to be exhibited and contact details of artists involved. It doesn't need to be too formal or filled with wanky artspeak, just tell us what you want to do!
  • images
    5 high resolution jpeg images on CD or a link to your online portfolio/website etc.
  • artist CV
    Something describing your art practice/exhibition or curatorial experience, if any. Tell us what you've been up to.

Please send proposals to

ARThive Gallery
111 Hunter Street
Newcastle NSW 2300

or subjecthive@gmail.com

Places are filling up fast. Don't delay!

(Exhibitions will be selected by the Director and ARThive team based upon rigorous mathematical equations, random google searches, and non discriminatory criteria. If you don't happen to get an exhibition when you want one please don't act like a big baby about it.)

I Louvre Rock & Roll - Opening Night


2765 2724 2725 2726 2728 2730 2736 2742 2743 2760 2765 2769 Mike Foxall

Check out these photos from the opening night of the Mike Foxall I Louvre Rock & Roll exhibition which was held at ARThive from Nov 5-13 2010. This exhibition was a dream come true for us here, we were given incredible access to Foxall's entire archive of work from the past 15 years, including heaps of rare material from his time with punk rock group Nancy Vandal, and a few paintings produced specifically for the show. We hope you all enjoyed it! We nearly sold out of the I Louvre Rock & Roll art book, so if you'd still like to purchase one, visit xraystudios.com. There's even more photos in the slideshow below so take a big look!

The V&A

Collaborative exhibition between local artists - Venetia Sieveking (mother) & Amelia Filmer-Sankey (daughter). Traversing a wide range of themes through a diverse range of mediums: photography, screen prints, oil & water colour paintings & poetry.

As a single Newcastle based parent throughout her daughter’s high school years, Venetia used to teach, lecture, make and write about art, but put these aside to do consistent work that paid the bills. Two years ago (Amelia then in year 10 – 11) rescued all of Venetia’s unfinished work from a damp garage and set about making it clear that she would like to see her mother return to painting. However, it wasn’t until this year when Amelia; using her knowledge of the Renew Newcastle art scene in Newcastle, gathered in her gap year before university & while participating in poetry slams and exhibitions herself, set up an exhibition that anything happened. Then in September she announced triumphantly that she had booked for them both, a gallery – date and place - & Venetia’s hand was forced into production.
This collaborative exhibition is the result and is a production about the magic and beauty of the small, intangible, the unseen beauty in the mundane & that which is taken for granted. Work based in and around that which slips between the footpath’s cracks of the Newcastle and surrounding regions.
Everyone's welcome, so please come along and enjoy the nibbles, drinks, company and music while being the first to peruse the works.
Opening Night 6pm Nov 19
Exhibition runs until Nov 27

Spook House - Opening/Closing Nights


2532 2524 2525 2527 2533 2572 Spookhouse-33 Spookhouse-16 2596 2603 2605 2621 Spookhouse-168 Spookhouse-183 Spookhouse-187 2648 2671 2692

Here are some great photos from Steven Nuttall's incredible Spook House exhibition, which took place at ARThive from Oct 20-30. We were super impressed with the quality of the work on display, and had a blast at the halloween closing night featuring live music from Hira Hira, Crab Smasher, Let Me Down Jungleman Gently, and Mere Women.. Check out more photos in the slideshow below.