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I Louvre Rock And Roll

 I Louvre Rock & Roll
Exhibition and Book Launch by Mike Foxall
 Opening Night 7pm Friday November 5
Art fans are polishing their monocles and adjusting their berets in feverish anticipation of a forthcoming exhibition of my various work. It all goes down from November 3 to 13 at ARThive Gallery Newcastle. The exhibition will also serve as the official launch of my book I Louvre Rock & Roll and many of the items from it's very pages will adorn the gallery. It's an 80 page compendium of my finest gear, featuring illustrations, rock posters, cd covers and comic art dating back to the mid 90s. There's quite a few pieces that haven't seen the light of day for years, and others that have never been seen at all. Plus there's lots of pithy anecdotes from yours truly that will provide you with literally minutes of thigh slapping hilarity.
What's more i have recently cracked out the old paints and am currently creating some brand new canvases of pure molten art gold.

Young And Baroque Artist Market is on again!

We're deep in the midst of preening and picking out some amazing makers to fill the tables of the next Young and Baroque! This boutique market boasts a bounty of unique and and hand crafted items from reigional artists and crafters you'll find one offs not knock offs here! Each maker has an emphasis on quality and a passion for invention. These stall holders cross a wide range of disciplines with many exciting wares made with love for you! Young and Baroque is set against the backdrop of a spectacular art exhibition, one of the many spectacular exhibitions programmed by ARThive for 2010. REMEMBER - This market will be held whatever the weather : rain, hail or shine there's always something to find.

Also if you are interested in becoming a stall holder for our next market please email Sarah or Rose at subjecthive@gmail.com.Please remember to pop in a photo of your products so we can see how talented you are!

Sunday November 7th
11am to 5pm
ARThive Gallery
111 Hunter Street Mall Newcastle

Spook House


Opening Night - 6pm Wednesday Oct 20
Special Closing Night Halloween Party - 7pm Saturday Oct 30

English born Sydney based artist Steven Nuttall practises in a mixture of illustration animation and sculpture art under the name Automaton. Since graduating from his honours year at Sydney Collage of the Arts in 2007 where he studied experimental film and animation, Automaton has gone on to work extensively with illustration and digital media, producing a large series of print works, comics and commercial designs. More recently after returning from world travels Automaton established a full time studio practice where he works late into the night on a mixture of various projects. Some of Automatons latest work includes music video animation, tattoo design, live sketch performance, a series of one off illustration/painting works and new sculpture pieces which have been exhibited in a variety of group shows around Sydney. 

Automatons art deals with a wide variety of subject matter however at the core, the work hinges on a deep grounding within Romanticism, Narrative and the concept of the eternal, these themes often manifesting as the many characters of Automatons world. Characterisation comes almost naturally to Automatons art, growing up influenced by a mix of both humorous western comics and confronting eastern anime, Automatons art draws from both of these worlds, while making a conscious effort not to directly references them. The work aims to challenge the viewer by presenting two opposing world within one frame, creating imagery that is both endearing and confronting, colourful yet sparse, and more often than not both humorous and dark.

For this exhibition there will be two events of note. On the 20th of October you will see your average neighborhood gallery opening, with a lot of chin stroking, back patting, saying "hmmmm a lot and perhaps some blood wine and mouldy cheese. We hope you can come along, it starts at 6pm.

However, for the final night of SPOOK HOUSE there will be a grand closing night Halloween Ball!!! A night of illustration, sculpture, masks, face painting, booze and a line up of the most evil and erotic bands from the very depths of the netherworld to shake your booty and chill you to the bone!!! Bands performing on the night include Hira Hira, Crab Smasher, Mere Women, Let Me Down Jungleman Gently, and Little A.
Come along to the closing night party in spooky costume and you will receive a limited edition SPOOK HOUSE spooky face mask to party the night away in. It starts at 7pm and will continue until the clock ticks over to HALLOWEEN.

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Satellite is an installation of photographic works by Lance Johnson and Brenton Brooker that will transform the gallery like you've never seen before! Opening night is this Friday from 6pm, We hope to see you there!

Opening Night- Friday 8th October

Exhibition Dates- 8th October -16th October