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I Louvre Rock And Roll

 I Louvre Rock & Roll
Exhibition and Book Launch by Mike Foxall
 Opening Night 7pm Friday November 5
Art fans are polishing their monocles and adjusting their berets in feverish anticipation of a forthcoming exhibition of my various work. It all goes down from November 3 to 13 at ARThive Gallery Newcastle. The exhibition will also serve as the official launch of my book I Louvre Rock & Roll and many of the items from it's very pages will adorn the gallery. It's an 80 page compendium of my finest gear, featuring illustrations, rock posters, cd covers and comic art dating back to the mid 90s. There's quite a few pieces that haven't seen the light of day for years, and others that have never been seen at all. Plus there's lots of pithy anecdotes from yours truly that will provide you with literally minutes of thigh slapping hilarity.
What's more i have recently cracked out the old paints and am currently creating some brand new canvases of pure molten art gold.

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