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 RAWR! The next exhibition of natural history at the ARThive Gallery will be titled TYRANNOSAURUS REX. Amateur paleontologist Grant Hunter has unearthed a large collection of new specimens on his latest dig, and has kindly decided to share them.
The exhibit will consist of dinosaur themed artworks from a selection of incredible artists working in painting, illustration, sculpture, photography, and video.

Featuring work by
Morgan Cabot
Eli Partridge
Nicholas French
Marnie Vaughn
Grant Hunter
Elizabeth Nagy
Andrea Maria Lam
Kell Derrig-Hall
Erech Overaker
Mike Foxall
Matt Niccoli
Jen Tait
Demi Iacopetta
Sam Witek
Stephanie Cola
Kalindy Williams
Luke Johnston
Daniel Hogan

Opening Night 6pm Saturday Sept 12
Music Performances by Simo Soo and Cock Safari

Exhibition Dates Sept 12 - Oct 5