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The V&A

Collaborative exhibition between local artists - Venetia Sieveking (mother) & Amelia Filmer-Sankey (daughter). Traversing a wide range of themes through a diverse range of mediums: photography, screen prints, oil & water colour paintings & poetry.

As a single Newcastle based parent throughout her daughter’s high school years, Venetia used to teach, lecture, make and write about art, but put these aside to do consistent work that paid the bills. Two years ago (Amelia then in year 10 – 11) rescued all of Venetia’s unfinished work from a damp garage and set about making it clear that she would like to see her mother return to painting. However, it wasn’t until this year when Amelia; using her knowledge of the Renew Newcastle art scene in Newcastle, gathered in her gap year before university & while participating in poetry slams and exhibitions herself, set up an exhibition that anything happened. Then in September she announced triumphantly that she had booked for them both, a gallery – date and place - & Venetia’s hand was forced into production.
This collaborative exhibition is the result and is a production about the magic and beauty of the small, intangible, the unseen beauty in the mundane & that which is taken for granted. Work based in and around that which slips between the footpath’s cracks of the Newcastle and surrounding regions.
Everyone's welcome, so please come along and enjoy the nibbles, drinks, company and music while being the first to peruse the works.
Opening Night 6pm Nov 19
Exhibition runs until Nov 27

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