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Bizoo Zine Launch

Bizoo Zine and the ARThive crew invite you to the launch of Bizoo: The Best, The Worst and The Trash That Never Made It, a free retrospective book that covers the highlights and the lowlights of the music and arts zine, Bizoo. Bizoo grew up in Toowoomba (or as some of you might recall ‘Poo-woomba’). Over its twenty-five issues, Bizoo rounded up a tribe of 50 contributors from across the country and became a platform that supported the arts nationally.

The lowdown...
Saturday October 1
10am: ARThive, Grab the Bizoo Book and check out the ‘This is Not Bart’ Exhibition
10:30am – Midday: You don’t make friends with zines! (discussion)
Midday – 2pm: Free Vegan BBQ
2:30pm – 4pm: This is not a library! (discussion)
4:30pm -5:30pm The Golden Stapler Awards pre beers and chill out

For five years, Bizoo woke up a sleepy town and brought to life a thriving arts community. It gave the young folk in this town an outlet to create, collaborate, and rant and rave together. ‘Bizoo: The Best, The Worst & The Trash That Never Made It’ is the final say of a zine about music festivals, art shows and the shit-fights that followed.

Coinciding with ARThive’s exhibition: THIS IS NOT BART, the Bizoo crew will be hosting 2 discussions around The Simpsons theme:
You don’t make friends with zines! (10:30am - Midday)
This is not a library! (2:30pm- 4pm)
The discussions will be led by zine and independent creators, fans and everyone in attendance. We would actually love your input, so feel free to get in contact.

In the style of Food Not Bombs, and supporting poor starving artists, Bizoo will be putting on a free BBQ lunch kicking off at 12:30pm and to wrap up Bizoo’s hijacking of TINA, pre drinks brought to you by the shady folks at Bizoo will get you in the mood for the Golden Stapler Awards.

Come along, grab your copy of the book, feed your face and have a drink on us. While you're there, meet some of the crew who helped put the book together while sponging off your (or, let’s face it, someone else’s) hard earned tax dollars.

Ps: After we’ve recovered from the days events, we’ll stumble into the TINA Sunday Zine and Artist market. If you couldn’t make it Saturday, Sunday is your last chance to get a copy of the book, and try out our new favourite toy, a Gocco printer! Our hosts at ARThive have created a one off design to celebrate the weekends events that will only be available at TINA’s Sunday Zine and Artist market.

Pss: You’re still reading??? You're keen…
So what’s in the book:
Pictorial interview with naked members of the Dwarves, Comics by Marto, the radio DJ from Cunnamulla doco, the rise of a shitty small town, Tips on Playing Drunk, How to pick fights with covers bands and Skulker, an interview with the most hated man on the internet, Maddox, a comic by Mel Stringer, massive interview with At the Drive In just before they broke up, we ask Jess Veronica some dumb questions, plus truck loads more. 

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