Arthive has now closed. Thanks for your support!

What Now?

Hey ARThive fans! I'm sure you're all wondering what's going on with us, right? After hosting a mild celebration recently to acknowledge our 2nd birthday, the ARThive team are now taking a short time-out from regular programming. After two years in the running-an-art-space game, and all of the glorious ups-and-downs along the way, it has been an unreal journey so far. We've achieved almost everything we initially set out to do and then a little bit more, seriously who would have thought we'd still be here? With the increasing pressures of our own day jobs, study commitments, and art practices we're very excited about shifting gears and doing things a little differently from now on. Don't panic though kittens! We're not quite burning out just yet, this is about ensuring the sustainability of the project into the future! Learning from our mistakes rather than repeating them. We will be open again very soon with some slight adjustments to the format, super fresh ideas, and heck maybe even a new coat of paint, so stay tuned true believers!

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