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Teasing The Taught

Solo exhibition by Eddie Botha

Opening Night Friday June 24 from 7pm
Exhibition runs until July 2

Coming up next at ARThive is an exhibition we've been looking forward to for a long time now, a showcase exhibition of work completed during travels in Europe and London by local artist Eddie Botha. Eddie's work is unique, funny, sexy, original, puzzling, a breath of fresh air! We hope you can come along to the opening night. RSVP on Facebook.

Eddie is a landscape architect and international emerging artist that loves portraying human behaviours in contrast to technology, playing off nature and just entertaining with humoristic images. He participated in various exhibitions in Australia and won an Award in the Maitland council exhibition for 2010. The works range in size and mediums, primarily oil paint and pencil sketches with frames manufactured from recycled timber. Eddie is keen to collaborate, and produces works based on sculpures, music, buildings, people and ideas. Eddie says about his work: “The human behaviours; lust, greed, betrayal, love, politics, and religion amuses and saddens me. It is said that my work ‘penetrates the subconcious without hangups’, and thats what I believe art should be about. I hope you feel touched by my works. They tell stories of life, joy, troubles, growth and sometimes pain.” To get a sneak peak of some of Eddie's previous work, visit www.eddiebothacreations.com

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