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Logan Knight- the brains behind 'Alternate Woodland Critter Evolution Fan Fiction'

If you didnt make it to the fantastic 'Alternate Woodland Critter Evolution Fan Fiction'  group exhibition you really missed out big time. However, all is not lost, you can still find out some tasty details about the curator, Logan Knight and take a peek at some photos from the opening night!
Our new writer, Emily Mitchell, interviewed Logan on the eve of his exhibition and the full interview is right here! ENJOY!

Alternate Woodland Critter Evolution Fan Fiction provokes a frenzy of imagination and creativity in which works are featured and curated by Logan Knight, with some additions by Rose Turner, Sarah Mould, Jessica Louttit, Sarah Dunn, Ry Wilkin, Grant Hunter and Alex Masterson.
Written by Emily Mitchell.

"I wanted to make a giant mounted plush head to hang somewhere in the gallery as decoration, but figured that if I was going to go that far I might as well organise an exhibition. So I did."
Logan Knight's latest exhibition which opens at ARThive on the 18 March at 7pm is a collection of all the creative things he enjoys...which is where the title Alternate Woodland Critter Evolution Fan Fiction originated from.
Logan relishes in creating cute, furry, animal critter friends especially when they become so interesting that they "erupt with tentacles and disease!"
Sometimes the life of critters can be a little humdrum so taking matters into his own hands, Logan created his own happy place and combined these furry little guys with some truly enthralling fan fiction. Each work will feature a short narrative where the viewer will be bewitched and led into some sort of creeping, crawling undergrowth of darkness, only to discover that the new species of 'Arachnowl' has adopted the power of webbing its enemies!
Other contributions to the critter extravaganza include Rose Turner, Sarah Mould, Jessica Louttit, Sarah Dunn, Ry Wilkin, Grant Hunter and Alex Masterson.
Each of the works feature a short piece of writing  about the artists' creature and infact is available for sale in an assortment of little zines. "That’s the Fan Fiction part of Alternate Woodland Critter Evolution Fan Fiction," exclaims Logan.

Q and A with Logan Knight.
Who (personally or favourite artist) is your biggest influence? Do you have a muse?

Life? Is life a muse? There are definitely people - both professionally and personally - that influence what I want to make, both with ideas or just filling me with desire to create, but again, there are far too many to really single one out. My biggest influence changes day to day and sometimes it’s not even a person.

Why did you choose ARThive?

Short answer because it’s run by brilliant attractive people that I’m quite fond of.
Long answer because it’s actually a really good space, where it’s thankfully possible for people to do something that’s maybe a little bit odd just because it will be fun.

Does your mother know you’re here?
She’s most likely here too, so I hope so, otherwise she may have the dementia.
She was supportive when I started making toys under the name Cot Death Toys, so I don’t think there’s too much I could do that she wouldn’t be okay with.

Multiple choice question…What is your motivation for the exhibition?
    A. To sell works.
    B. To fulfill a need to create.
    C. To spread your name.
    D. All of the above.

E. Fun.

Have you only ever exhibited in Newcastle?

Can you describe this exhibition in a sentence?
I don’t think there’s a better description than Alternate Woodland Critter Evolution Fan Fiction, it’s kind of all there.  

Do you have a blog or your own website we can contact you on?
My clothing company in-the-making is up at www houseofauguste.com

Will there be lots of free alcohol and food on opening night?
Hopefully, otherwise people might start eating each other.

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