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Alternate Woodland Critter Evolution Fan Fiction

The juvenile badger emerges from its family burrow, eyes blinking at
light filtering through the shimmering canopy. The formative years of
the badger's life have been spent underground, nurtured and fed by
devoted parents. But now, upon the brink of adulthood, the time has
come for him to enter the world and begin life anew.
First, there are certain rites of passage that must be conquered.
The owl's head swivels and juts forward as it spies the bundle of fur
appear out of the ground. Its raspberry eyes focus perfectly as it
launches from its perch, its ancestors having long since abandoned
nocturnal hunting in favour of larger prey.
The badger's eyes adjust to the light just in time to see the net of
webbing jettison from the Arachnowl as it swoops overhead in a fluid
motion from one branch to another, landing as its head spins backwards
to observe the progress of the hunt.
The badger rolls about the forest floor, sticky webbing entangling
ever tighter about its limbs. A webbing which can only be broken down
by the stomach acid of the Arachnowl.
The Arachnowl swoops once again, talons at the fore, ready to finalise
the kill. It is heartbeats away from rending flesh when the badger
erects onto its hind legs, fore-paws raised in mittens of webbing, and
pounces upon the former predator.
The Arachnowl banks to evade its surprise attacker but the badger's
left paw strikes it in the beak and remains attached as the badger
swings its body around and onto the Arachnowl's back.
A shriek echoes through the forest as the badger takes a swift bite
from the Arachnowl's neck before they both tumble into the undergrowth
in a mess of feathers fur and blood.
The blood glistens and drips from its maw as it raises its head and
grunts into the canopy, the Sticky-Fisted Badger has earned its
This is Alternate Woodland Critter Evolution Fan Fiction.

Exhibition curated by Logan Knight
featuring contributions by
Logan Knight
Rose Turner
Sarah Mould
Jessica Louttit
Sarah Dunn
Ry Wilkin
Grant Hunter
Alex Masterson

Opening Night March 18 from 7pm
Exhibition runs until March 26

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