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Celebrity Story

An exhibition of collage stickers and other works by Daniel Smith, Amanda Kenneth & gerant

DAg ARt is a collective that formed as an investigation into street art. The group started with stencils and moved on to small-scale collaged stickers made from images and text cut primarily from magazines. DAg ARt takes the text and images from these magazines and subverts the imagery by juxtaposing different elements. The use of humour and sometimes-obscene pieces from magazines create works that are at times crass and offensive.
Since the formation of DAg ARt, thousands of stickers have been made with the majority being put on display on the streets of Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne and Hong Kong.
The exhibition will include a wall of small collage stickers (up to 1000). DAg ARt specialises in juxtapositions and common themes of the works include celebrity, the media, body image, Brad Pitt, body builders, Heath Ledger, bad puns, one liners and people as they are represented in magazines.

Opening Night from 7pm Friday Feb 18
Exhibition runs until February 26

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