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Slip 'n Slide Night

The crunch of shag pile under your bum,
the smell of melting marshmallows
and the glow of your Uncles Hamminex Projector ...

It's a night of wholesome, 100% nostalgia, yes it's


ArtHIVE will be hosting the first SLIDE NIGHT as part of our PHOTOMEDIA MAYHEM festival.
There will be a showing of inherited and found slides from all times and places (even dimensions) and we would love you to join!

Come along and fest upon pop corn and pink lemonade.
There may even be sherbet!

You are also welcome to bring some slides of your own!
Just remember to slam down a few Goldie Hawn coins to help out your favorite ARI!

7pm Friday May 14
Level 1/111 Hunter Street

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