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Penis Tower Anti-Slam

Bring along your free verse, rap, spoken word, shopping lists, stand-up routines, parables, dad jokes, improv, whatever you've got & sign up for the PENIS TOWER ANTI-SLAM. You could win A PRIZE. You would win THE UNCONDITIONAL ADORATION OF YOUR PEERS. You could win WHATEVER'S BEHIND THIS DOOR. But we're not judging you on your poem, no sir. You won't know how we're judging you til the end. We just wanna hear ya, because WE KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE.

It's easy, turn up, scrawl your name on the list & await INSTANT FAME.

last sunday of each month
7 30pm SIGNUP, 8 00pm SHOWDOWN

The next event is APRIL 25
at the ARThive
level 1/111 hunter st, newcastle mall

entry by donation

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